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Smoke Alarms - 17th Aug 2015

Smoke Alarms Smoke alarms are an in-expensive device that saves lives every year in New Zealand.
It is imperative you choose the right type and install them in the right location otherwise they may not activate/alert you when a fire occurs.
One type of smoke alarm "sees the smoke" while another "smells the smoke".

There are 3 levels of smoke alarm;
1. Standard battery type
2. 10 year battery type 
3. Mains powered type with battery back-up
Serviceman Ltd are happy to advise, supply and install the best solution for your home and family.

Old versus new - 9th Sep 2014

What is the difference between an old powerpoint (pre 1970) and a new one? They do the same job, the new one looks more modern but is it any better?
The short answer is YES.  
The majority of modern powerpoints have "safety shutters" which isolate live terminals from the user when not in use. Much like a sliding door, the shutters slide across when an appliance is unplugged, making the powerpoint 100% safe for toddlers and children.
Light switches from the same era have exposed contacts on the inside of the wall cavity, allowing dust to build up. The combination of dry dust and the spark created by switching off a circuit can create a fire hazard inside your wall.
The live contacts of modern switches are fully enclosed and protected from dust.    

Heat Pump Water Heaters - making a Splash! - 25th Aug 2013

Heat Pump Water Heaters - making a Splash!  Heat Pump Water Heaters are the cheapest way to produce hot water according to the Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority.
The running costs are approximately 1/3rd of heating water using an electric cylinder or LPG califont and will be even higher if your existing cylinder or califont is old and/or inefficient.
Help futureproof your home against rising energy costs with one of the most energy efficient technologies available.
A choice of products suited to the South Island are available with clever functions like timeclock control and boost/back-up elements.

Play Safe Sleep Easy - Is your house safe? - 18th Jun 2013

Play Safe Sleep Easy - Is your house safe? How safe is your home?

In the year ending June 2011, there was 1855 fires in Otago & Southland. Failure of electrical wiring or appliances was the second most common cause! Don't risk your home and your loved ones!

An Electrical Safety Inspection by Serviceman Ltd will provide the peace of mind you need to enjoy your home by day and sleep soundly at night.

Old wiring - How old is too old? - 18th Jun 2013

Old wiring - How old is too old? Up until the late 1960's, Dunedin homes were wired in rubber impregnated cloth and insulated cables. The wiring was run inside conduit, wood casing or rubber sheathed. As the wiring ages the insulation deteriorates becoming brittle and can leave live conductors exposed and dangerous. The electrical system may still operate perfectly but this risk of an electrical fault or fire increases as time goes by.

A periodic inspection of pre 1970's wiring is recommended.

Contact us to arrange an electrical inspection today.

Save Money and the Environment - Go Solar! - 13th Jun 2012

Save Money and the Environment - Go Solar!

Yes, of course it works in Dunedin! - we have high sunshine hours when compared internationally, and no smog!

Solar Water Heating
A correctly sized system will save between 60-75% of hot water energy costs and offset approximately 1.4 tonnes of carbon every year. You will love the savings and at the same time do your bit for climate change. In most cases we can utilise the existing cylinder.

Solar Power (Photo Voltaic)
Solar electricity systems are now very affordable with the ability to "sell" power back to the grid.

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