Heat Pump Retail, Installation and Repairs in Dunedin

Here at Serviceman HQ, we are proud to be partnered with The Heating Company, providing you with Dunedin’s greatest range of heat pumps, as well as helping you install and maintain them – all to a FREE Heating Plan!


That’s right! our heating plans, designed uniquely for your home, are 100% free!

During your in-house consultation, our specialist will design you a unique blueprint for heating your home, even suggesting which exact models of heat pump to use!

With a huge range to choose from, it’s easy to get confused. But with our expert guidance, we have all your options covered, and can guide you to the right choice for your home and budget!

Our In-Store Range of Heat Pumps is the largest in Dunedin!

We are proud to offer Dunedin heat pumps that are cost-effective to run and easy to maintain, making them an ideal heating and cooling option in your homes, flats, and offices.

Choose Your Heat Pumps From Our Industry-Leading Brands


Click here to visit The Heating Company’s website to learn more about how we can help you find the right heat pump!

Don’t get overwhelmed by the range of choice in the market – contact Serviceman and The Heating Company for correct advice and information, first time, every time!