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Founded back in 1986, you can imagine the thousands upon thousands of everyday Kiwis that Serviceman has helped.

From minor electrical work around the house to large-scale commercial jobs, we’ve done it all and loved every second of it!

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Shane Sturgeon from Dunedin

My nightmare began two weeks ago when blue electrical arcs started emanating from behind the switchboard. I called Serviceman and Dave was there 30 minutes later. He quickly got the house safe and repaired the problem in short order.

When he finished, Dave mentioned that three of the circuits were ‘old wiring’ and although they were not the cause of the arcing, I should consider getting them replaced. I had always been a little concerned about the old wiring in the house, so I arranged for John to come out and give me a quote. At the same time, we thought it would be good to replace the incandescent lights with modern LEDs.

I have to say, I was taken aback by the quote at first, but John patiently answered my questions and explained how the quote was made up. I had placed my trust in Serviceman for a number of years, so I didn’t bother getting other quotes, and decided to proceed.

That’s when John’s nightmare started! The wires turned out to be more troublesome than expected to replace, and the job ended up taking a day longer than he had quoted for, and to top it all off, we kept changing our minds about the color of the lights!

But through it all, John and his team were totally professional and focused on making sure we were happy. And we were! I no longer have the nagging in the back of my mind about old wiring and the new LED lighting is just amazing! We can now read without straining our old eyes, and I reckon we have four times as much light for a quarter of the running costs!

So it’s a job well done thanks to John and the team at Serviceman!

Nicola from Fairfield

“I have to share with you how awesome the men were when they were here. They did an amazing job with a difficult install and we are very happy with the new additions to the household. Please pass on our sincere thanks again to them”.

Mary from Middleton Rd

“Thank you for the recent roof-mounted solar hot water system you installed. Even on colder days (10-14*C), the water temperature does not go below 47*C!

I am very happy with my purchase”.

Jenni from Malvern St

“Just wanted to say I am very happy with the installation of my heat transfer system. The two young guys who installed it did a wonderful job and used their initiative when they came up with something different than what was originally discussed”.

Judith from Dunedin

“We had Serviceman come out to service our oven. We found him very thoughtful and considerate, and he provided great service”.

Tania & Phil Roxburgh

“We had Serviceman come to repair our oven door; what an absolute pleasure! They were timely, friendly and now its like we've got a brand new oven! You have a treasure in your team there - great customer service, excellent skill and completely professional.

We will definitely be recommending Serviceman Ltd to all and if the need arises, calling for you again”.

Graham Reid

“The Serviceman team were awesome. They pointed out our HRV was not working when they went into the roof, explained the issues, and recommended we get it fixed (was much appreciated). Awesome product and awesome clean job of installation.”

Cheryl More

“Serviceman Ltd did a great job. I found the company to be prompt, honest and approachable”.

Judy from Dunedin

“Good service, from phone call to electrician. This was my second time using Serviceman and I found everything very satisfactory. I would definitely recommend Serviceman to friends”.

Scott Evangelou

“Serviceman’s electricians came into our home and rewired the entire residence, adding some outside plugs and lights and testing everything. They were strictly professional and did a fabulous job. I would recommend them to anyone!”


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