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Did you know that the Serviceman team specialize in Electrical Safety Assessments, Inspections, and rewiring domestic properties?

Our dedicated and qualified Electrical Inspectors carry out inspections in any property, even the older historical homes and villas that other electricians would often avoid.


These homeowners were lucky they didn’t experience an electrical fire before they called in the Serviceman team!

In conducting regular electrical inspections, you not only get peace of mind knowing your property is safe and up to code, but it can also add thousands of dollars to its total value!


Serviceman is proud to have all of our rewiring work backed up by the Master Electrician $20,000 Guarantee! You can learn more about the Master Electricians Guarantee here!

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Up until the late 1960s, many of Dunedin’s properties were wired in rubber impregnated cloth and insulated cables, run inside conduit, wood casing or rubber sheathing.

This insulation can often deteriorate to unsafe levels, becoming brittle and exposing live conductors.

The electrical system can still operate perfectly, giving you no indication of the potential dangers, but your chances of house fires or electrical faults increase greatly.

Industry experts recommend homes with pre-1970s wiring receive periodic inspections.

Protect your family!

Protect your peace of mind!

Protect your investment!

An example of black rubber wiring in a domestic property