Commercial Electrical Work for Dunedin

Is your workplace in serious need of an electrical overhaul? Do you want your team working in the safest electrical environment possible?

Contact the Serviceman team today!

Serviceman is proud to offer Dunedin a range of commercial electrical services. These include:

  • Lighting

Whether your lighting systems need repairing, replacing or refitting, Serviceman has the team to get it done in accordance with the highest industry standards!

  • Office Lighting

You can’t get any work done in the dark! If your lights have gone out, get Serviceman on the case! We specialize in a variety of different lighting arrays, so you can be sure we can handle whatever you require!

  • Upgrade to LED Lighting

Looking to upgrade to LED Lighting? You should!

Not only are LED lights up to 80% more efficient than traditional lighting, but you’ll never have to change light bulbs ever again!

You’ll also remove drafty ceiling holes from your property. All that, plus LED lights contain no toxic elements!

  • Commercial Data and Power Points

If your workplace heavily relies upon data and power points, you need to know they were installed by certified industry experts. The Serviceman team is proud to be backed up by the Master Electricians’ $20,000 Guarantee.

  • Heating and Ventilation Systems

If your safety and comfort in the workplace is reliant upon your heating and ventilation being installed correctly, talk to the Serviceman team today! We take the safety and comfort of our customers as importantly as we take our own!


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